Quick Vulnerability Minimization Checklist

  1. Asset Inventory: Keep a detailed list of all components updated.
  2.      Vulnerability Scans: Run regular scans to find weaknesses.
  3.      Patch Management: Regularly apply latest updates and patches.
  4.      Access Control: Enforce least-privilege access policies.
  5.      API Security: Secure APIs with authentication protocols.
  6.      Encrypt Data: Encrypt all data, both in transit and at rest.
  7.      Endpoint Protection: Use antivirus and firewall protections.
  8.      Network Segmentation: Isolate sensitive system parts.
  9.      Configuration Standards: Stick to secure configuration baselines.
  10.      Multi-Factor Authentication: Use MFA for additional security.
  11.      Disaster Recovery: Have a recovery plan in place and test it regularly.
  12.      Continuous Monitoring: Monitor systems for unusual activities.
  13.      CSP Coordination: Understand and align with your CSP’s security.
  14.      Zero Trust Model: Trust no one; verify every access request.
  15.      Pen Testing: Regularly test systems for exploitable vulnerabilities.
  16.      Staff Training: Keep the team informed on security protocols and best practices.
  17.      Compliance: Adhere to data laws and regulations, and be alert for changes in statues.
  18.      Vendor Risks: Verify the security posture of third-party services that you work with
  19.      Review and Update: Regularly revise security measures for improvements.

Organisations may effectively reduce vulnerabilities and safeguard their cloud and multicomponent systems from potential threats by implementing these procedures.


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