Cyber Security’s Function in Preserving Critical Infrastructure

The systems, facilities, and networks that are crucial to the operation of society and the economy are referred to as critical infrastructure. Power grids, transportation networks, water treatment facilities, and communication networks are all examples of this.

How does cyber security protect critical infrastructure?

Cyber Security plays a variety of roles in safeguarding vital infrastructure. Firstly, it involves making sure that it is taken into consideration when designing and constructing the infrastructure. 

Secondly, successful risk management is necessary in critical infrastructure. Identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities, evaluating their impact and likelihood, and putting in place the necessary controls to lessen them are all part of this process. Risk management should be a continual process, with regular evaluations and updates to take into account changes in the threat landscape.

Cyber Security should be recognised for the critical role it plays in safeguarding critical infrastructure, protecting our society and economy as a result. It necessitates a holistic strategy that includes risk management that is effective, incident response planning that is comprehensive and infrastructure that is designed and built with Cyber Security in mind.


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